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Co-scholastic activities not only allow children to broaden social skills but also boost academic performance insuring success in their future endeavors.

It’s also important to understand and recognize the interest of a child so that they explore the sky of their own and fly high with the wings of creativity. Clubs at Surmount International School give them extensive opportunities to explore more. All clubs are thoughtfully structured for felicitating extracurricular activities to correlate academic skills with the real world context as well as promote learners to learn better social skills, critical thinking and teamwork.

To make it more interesting clubs have been given unique names from the world of DC and marvels.

  • 1

    Iron man's Personality development club - Aims to build learners’ self confidence with good communication and leadership skills.

  • 2

    Spider man's gardening club - Helps learners understand power resources and the wealth of knowledge and information that is essential to continue to grow.

  • 3

    Thor’s dramatics - Aims to promote communication skills, teamwork, dialogue, negotiation, socialization as well as to stimulate the imagination and creativity.

  • 4

    Incredible hulk DIY club- Promotes cumulative learning and makes children smarter enough to create different things by themselves.

  • 5

    Wonder Woman classical club - Helps learners to introduce children with power of our culture, beauty and quintessence of sweetness.

  • 6

    Batman's Public speaking club – Aims to boost confidence, build critical thinking and develop vocabulary and fluency with personal as well as social development.

  • 7

    Super man's western dance club - Believes in kinesthetic development such as co-ordination, alertness and concentration.

  • 8

    Cat woman's Art and craft club - Through this club we provide the opportunity to create whatever a child desires helps foster creativity and assists in advancing and refining his or her core skills as well as cognitive ability.

  • 9

    Ant man's Music club -Aims is to help learners for developing fine tuned auditory skills, express their feelings and to develop peaceful environment by introducing different kind of music.

  • 10

    Captain Marvel's Yoga club -Exercises, physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation, mantra which help balancing and strengthen body and nervous system by developing sense of peace of mind calmness, reduce stress and anxiety.