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School Rules

School Rules

  1. Every student is expected to report to school regularly in time, remain within school boundaries and disperse from school premises immediately after the bell rings.
  2. Each and every child must respect the peers, employees and support staff of the school.
  3. School is not responsible for the loss of accessories, money or jewelry.
  4. Fee has to be paid in time to avoid inconvenience (refer to the fee booklet for details)
    • The school reserves the right to take strict disciplinary action against the student who -

    • A.

      Violates campus, library, class, cafeteria, corridor rules

    • B.

      Does not appear in prescribed uniform.

    • C.

      Often arrives late to the school.

    • D.

      Misbehaves with anyone in the campus.

    • E.

      Disfigures or damages school property.

    • F.

      Acts in a degraded manner.

    • G.

      Brings gadgets, accessories, sharp objects or anything which appears as weapon.

  5. Parents or Guardians are not allowed to visit their ward in the classroom. Parent Teachers Meeting is held regularly for any sort of communication.