Know Us Better


Mr R.D Yadav
(Founder & Chairman)

‘A man of action than words’

The idea of providing easily accessible yet valuable education to everyone, laid the foundation of Surmount International School in 2009.

I have always envisaged a school that is a centre of constructive hustle and bustle; where learners enjoy learning and take ownership for the same; where sports are a part of the curriculum and learners have an opportunity to excel in major sports; where experiential learning is promoted and learners become aware of their strengths and weaknesses; where cross cultural bonds are created and learners become a part of the global student community; where the potential of each child is identified and honed. Perhaps, the roots of Surmount have been dug deep to hold the edifice on four major pillars- Strong academics, Sports, Co-curricular and Internationalism.

The vision and mission of the school is to design the learners of today so that they become responsible, ethical, empathetic and productive global citizens of tomorrow.