Pre School Prodigy

The infrastructure which comprises of two wings and the niche being our junior wing is a place for the children to grow by exploring and learning in the formative years of their life by stimulating curiosity through conceptual learning methods transforming them into lifelong learners. During the tender age of 2 to 8 years with the amount of rapid growing mental potential, a child’s brain builds the fundamentals of learning which determines almost all the avenues of understanding. We, at SIS, are committed to holistic education and view education as having intrinsic values, quiet apart from its function of increasing vocational opportunities. Our responsibility lies not only in the development of academic skills but also vital non-cognitive skills and to further the same we make efforts to:

Enriching the linguistic skills, inculcating logical approach to learning, physical and mental well are key parts of the curriculum.
Explores through educational field trips for real world applications.
Emphasis on kinesthetics learning and motor skills development.
Boosts stamina, balance, and rhythm through activities.
Builds a strong foundation for lifetime success.

The team SIS comprises well-qualified Educators and Instructors supported by Administrative Staff. Our aim is to provide a quality inclusive learning environment with enriching and engaging resources which is responsive to student’s voice. We promote and inspire creativity, innovation, educational excellence, self-confidence and leadership in our students so they become critically engaged citizens dedicated to solving problems and social good. Our curriculum empowers them with skills that will help them to understand, contribute to and succeed in a rapidly changing society of today.

Conceptual learning involves fun ways to learn different subjects, therefore uplifting their self-esteem. The students are promoted to take part in all the activities and explore different dimensions of their life, thereby broadening the horizons of the student’s mind and body. The school integrates technology into the teaching-learning process making optimum utilization of the school resources through smart classes and IT department.

A well-structured curriculum and activity-based learning that promotes student’s involvement in the senior school program covers all aspects of continuous students’ development. In this scheme the term ‘continuous’ is meant to emphasize the evaluation of identity aspects of student’s growth and development is a continuous process rather than an event.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure holistic development of our students and inspire in them a lifelong love of learning. Through The second term we aspire to nurture both the academic and extracurricular talents of our students. It is an enterprise to promote growth of other desirable qualities besides bookish knowledge. It targets development of physically and mentally healthy, confident and responsible individuals who will work hard to achieve their full potential.

We will do this by providing a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment where we will equip them to face all the future challenges with confidence. We are committed to walk hand in hand for miles in your child’s progress. Give your child the advantage of SIS and discover why he/she would be proud of his/her Alma Mater.