Surmount international school has embraced technology and it provides advanced infrastructure. Our aim of providing the best and to embrace the new way of lifestyle, the architecture of the school has been thoughtfully designed.


All class rooms and activity rooms are well ventilated which are fully air-conditioned which are designed to be airy, spacious and inviting. Bathing in soft and conducive atmosphere for learning, they are fitted with modern furniture as well as electrical gadgets. Each class room is equipped with smart—board and electronic methods of knowledge dissemination. Thus providing our students with congenial conditions that trigger learning and facilitate teaching.

Sports not only teaches to maintain the physical stamina, it also teaches obedience, discipline, the determination to win, willpower, leadership, the spirit of sharing, team spirit, tolerance etc. It is an integral part of a learning cycle. A healthy body shall always have healthy mind. Keeping this in mind, the school has extensive programmers for its students. It is mandatory for all students to get out on to the field and participate in a sport of their choice. They get trained under the talented and experienced coaches of national acclaims for several tournaments.

Soccer is a prime sport Surmountians play every day under the tutelage of national coaches. The young Surmountians have proven their adeptness and team spirits in many championships.

The school has synthetic court for basketball and the Coach is of National level acclaim. The different levels of teams have started to gear themselves for various competitions.

Surmount has a well structured PE curriculum with assessment which makes the Surmountians physically agile always.

The school has Indoor Games for its students and i.e Table Tennis, Chess and Carom Board at this moment but we have plans to add more to this domain.

Sports is not an extracurricular activity for Surmountians, it is a curricular activity well embedded in the curriculum. They play their chosen sports every day. Currently we have a mini Olympic size swimming pool, Net Cricket courts, basket ball courts, football field and squash courts. More facilities are in the pipeline.


Library is the lifeline of any school where students enrich their knowledge. Surmount has rich collections of books from Encyclopedias to science fiction or literature or e—books. The librarian is not merely a person who issues books but also a good story teller who motivates the students to read books. Various competitions are held to inspire students to read books. Its a huge space with Silent Zone and the books in open shelves lined up against the wall .

Science and Maths LABS

The making of a Scientist, Experimentalist, Mathematician and Explorers happens in our Science and Math’s labs. The theory of learning-by-doing is what makes a child interface with technological and scientific equipments, research, experiments and data as well in our modern labs. Our labs are well equipped with projector, instruments and wide range of apparatus. It has the capacity of 40 students to perform various practical’s. Science education aims to provide opportunity to students to groom their knowledge on the basis of practical aspects and to prepare students for critical thinking, problem solving, further study, and research work.


Surmount has two equipped computer labs with high-end computers to facilitate each student to handle their computer & ICT/IT needs. All computers are connected with high-speed Internet. Surmountians are given projects based on exploration, animation graphic designs, architectural drafting, etc… and labs help them in doing their work efficiently.

Health status and learning capacity are invariably linked. Our health unit monitors the general physical development of our children and provides immediate first-aid treatment if needed. Check-ups for dental, eyesight, weight and height are conducted on annual basis. The school has very hygienic and well maintained infirmary.

Along with physical health, mental fitness is also important. At the growing age when child needs to be guided, we have professional counselors who can guide them at the psychological level.


The school has a fleet of buses at its disposal. Transportation plies throughout the town traversing through the lanes to make it comfortable for parents and also for Surmountians. The buses are manned by trained drivers and attendants to make sure the safety of each child to school and back to home is of paramount significance to us. Bus staff has been provided with mobile phones that ensure efficiency in terms of service and better communication in case of emergencies.

Yoga is now a pan-global recognized practice towards the building up of a sound mind within a sound body. For that reason, we at Surmount consider and practice yoga to be the harmonizing system which rejuvenates the body, mind as well as the soul.

Art plays an important role in almost all aspects of education, from creativity to interpretation, discussion, understanding and design. Our art studios are sagas in it. Our Art faculty is armoured to unleash each child’s in-built artist through various modern and antique techniques. Our children make beautiful art n craft creations from waste and recyclable materials at times as well.

To develop a well-rounded personality the school offers the students, an array of activities to choose from which suit their personal self.


We have dance room where Indian Classical, folk and western dances are taught.

We also have a combo of Indian and Western Music for which there is a dedicated room with all the instruments required.

School education is no longer synonymous with classrooms alone; it is much more than that. The quintessence of education is to encourage the life-long learners. The idea is to make them contributing citizens for the good of the nation and the society extensively.

Social Service Teen Camp is one such exciting and cherishing episode in student’s lives at Surmount that helps them deepen their maturity, broaden their horizons and enhance their leadership.

‘’If you train your brain to a certain extent it in turn organises the whole system, your body, your emotion, your energies and your mind’’. If children start to develop meditating early, their brains and intellectual capacity tend to develop rapidly. It plays vital role in handling academic stress more efficiently. Meditation has been shown to promote a stronger self – identity and higher optimism.

The students benefit by- Improved memory and concentration, enhanced cognitive function and learning skills, and improved peer relationships. Meditation is a practice which helps to develop control over the unruly mind. This is practiced at the school by students from class 1 onwards.

At Surmount, we place a strong emphasis on value based education. To incorporate this learning philosophy, we incessantly line our students up to understand & empathize with social conflicts and undertake momentous inventive to address them as responsible denizens.

Surmount school regularly organizes social awareness drives based on Environment, Health Care, Economic Empowerment and leadership development programs such as ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’ ,Save Trees ,Visit to Orphanage and Old age homes, Awareness programs during Field trips etc with active participation from the students, parents and teaching community.